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At various spots on our website we have placed this image. Any time you point your mouse at the images further information is displayed in a small window.

Carpool Search

Try our new Carpool Search feature. This allows users to check to see if there are potential matches for one time carpool trips, even before they register or log in.

Vanpool Finder

Try the Trapeze RidePro3 Web Vanpool Finder. This allows users to quickly determine potential vanpool matches, without needing to complete a full registration. For more information on quick search features please contact Trapeze at Trapezegroup.com

Join the thousands of commuters who have already registered and are using alternate transportation. Using this website, you will be able to find alternate methods of transportation to and from work. Best of all, registration in our database is completely free, and carpooling, vanpooling or taking public transportation will save you money!

First time users should register in our database. We maintain a database of individuals who work in the region and who have expressed a desire to commute to work via carpool or vanpool. This commuter database uses a personís home address, work address and work hours to find others who live and work near them and who have similar schedules. Information requested on the commuter profile form is necessary for us to provide this service to you. Be assured that we value your privacy and collect and distribute your information ONLY for the purposes of assisting you in finding alternate transportation.

Once registered, you may return to view your matches at any time! If you have already submitted your commuter profile in our database, enter your e-mail address and the password you selected. Once you successfully enter your e-mail address and password, you will see your personal welcome page. From that screen you can change your personal information, select options for instant ridematching, update your registration, and more!

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If you would like to know more about Trapeze RidePro, retreive product sheets or system requirements, or speak with a Trapeze representative please visit the RidePro page at Trapezegroup.com.